Black in the Exchange Caro-Kann ⎸Road to GM , Game 1

Bogojevic Ranko vs Stjepan Tomic, Caro-Kann, Exchange Variation (B13)
5th Croatian League Center, Round 1

This is the first game I played since I began my channel. My plan is to analyze all the games I play, regardless of the result. I believe that will provide a lot of useful information for players who are close to my rating, since most videos out there cover games of players who are 700 points higher rated. That’s useful as well, but learning from the mistakes made by players similar to your own level can help you improve faster.

I also think than analyzing my games in front of you will force me to improve my chess faster, and covering each and every defeat I suffer will definitely force me to right my mistakes as soon as possible.

This game was played in the 5th Croatian Chess League. Today we played the first round. My team, HAŠK Mladost Zagreb played Vrustun Vurnovec, who are higher rated on average. The league is played on six boards. I was playing on board 3 against an opponent rated 1832 (I’m currently rated 1761).

We played the Exchange Variation of the Caro-Kann and he blundered a pawn early on which he shouldn’t have given away. I was better throughout the game and we entered a same colored bishop ending in which I was a pawn up. It looked drawing but I managed to find a winning play and won the endgame! I must say I’m glad that the first game of my own I covered on the channel wasn’t a loss:D On all six boards my team played 4.5-1.5 with four wins, a draw and a loss, so we won as a team too!

I hope this helps and that you can relate to the level of play closer than when you look at grandmaster games. See you soon with more analysis! I’m not sure when I will have time and/or money to play a tournament, but I will be playing round 2 in the league two weeks from now. Cheers!

Here is the chess results link to the 5th Cro. League

If you have any advice about the game please leave a comment below!:D

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