Alexander Grischuk and Sergey Karjakin play a peaceful Catalan ⎸2018 Candidates, Round 10

Alexander Grischuk vs Sergey Karjakin, Catalan Opening, E00
2018 Chess Candidates Tournament, Round 10

Since the Catalan is the most often played opening at the Candidates Tournament, I’m pleased to say that this game at least offers a slightly different variation. The players have transposed to a Bogo-Indian on move 9, exiting main line Catalan theory.

After entering the middlegame, Alexander Grischuk unfortunately went for a tactical queen exchange which immediately made the position completely equal and took away any attacking possibilities for either side.

Standings after round 10:

Fabiano Caruana 6.5/10
Shakhriyar Mamedyarov 6/10
Alexander Grischuk 5.5/10
Ding Liren 5/10
Sergey Karjakin 5/10
Vladimir Kramnik 4.5/10
Wesley So 4/10
Levon Aronian 3.5/10


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