Learn 📃 From Your Own Mistakes With GM Daniel Naroditsky [Master Method]

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Learn From Your Own Mistakes With GM Daniel Naroditsky

“How to improve in chess?” That’s the most repeated question between chess players. No matter if you are a beginner, a club player or a master, you want to win more games, and therefore to improve and play better. The most common answer is “Analyze your games and learn from your own mistakes.” But, how to do it?

Former chess prodigy GM Daniel Naroditsky tackles these important questions in his brand new course The Naroditsky Method 2: Achieving your Chess Potential. The course is devoted to the most common mistakes every chess players make during a game, most of them didn’t covered in any other chess source!

But first, he explains his philosophy about chess mistakes. His key point is that your weaknesses are far more specific of what you think. For example, you shouldn’t say to yourself “I’m bad at tactics”. Instead, discover what’s the specific problem, as “I stop calculating too early”. And these specifics are what the course is about.

First, you must “diagnose” (analyze) your games to discover your real weaknesses. The different chapters will guide you through most of them, so you can clearly identify what is the most common for you. And, only after knowing your major problems, you can use the “medicine” that GM Naroditsky gives you.

In this free preview of this brilliant course, he explores how he diagnose his own play analyzing his own games in one of his worse tournaments in recent years. This is the kind of sincere discipline you will get from this impressive course!

Watch the free preview to see the analyzes his games, and how he discovers his “illness” to later apply the appropriate “cure”.

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