Ilya Makoveev | Chess in the 21st Century – GM Ben Finegold

Grandmaster Ben Finegold debuts a new class that’s all about games played since 2001. He looks at the best of 10 year old prodigy Ilya Makoveev of Russia. Finegold thinks Makoveev will be great some day; after watching this, you may believe the hype too.

Shamir Oguzov vs. Ilya Makoveev, 2013: B01 Scandinavian defence
Makoveev vs. Anton Grekov, 2014: A10 English opening
Makoveev vs. Nico Chasin, 2014: A46 Queen’s pawn, Torre attack
Dmitry Morozov vs. Makoveev, 2014: A30 English, symmetrical variation

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