QUICK Wins! ⏩ Learn The King’s Indian Attack the Easy Way with GM Roman Dzindzichashvili!

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In this chapter from his “Easy Way to Learn the King’s Indian Attack” course, GM Roman Dzindzichashvili shows how to get quick wins as White using the King’s Indian Attack.

This chess opening is a system, not just a series of moves, and usually involves White castling behind a fianchettoed bishop on the kingside, placing pawns on d3 and e4, then knights on d2 and f3.

It’s supersolid but also hides some powerful attacking ideas that can be used to blow your opponent off the board! And it’s a chess opening with a great reputation, being an early favorite of Bobby Fischer on his way to becoming the youngest ever chess grandmaster!

Once you know the setup you want and how to start an attack from there, playing the chess opening becomes easy. No time wasted wondering what to play on move 6, your game just flows!
In this video, Roman Dzindzichashvili explains the plans, concepts and piece placements that are best for White in this opening – follow these strategies and your opponent will be in for a very tough night!

Roman then demonstrates how to put these plans into action with some instructive examples of attacking play from top GM games, starting with Bobby Fischer vs Geller. White’s solid setup allows him to control and block the e-file, gaining time to push the h-pawn and reroute his knight, ready to spring into the attack.

Geller defends well but Bobby Fischer keeps the initiative and keeps the attack going with small combinations that stifle Black’s position.

What kind of strong attacks can White develop in this opening? What are the best set-ups and piece placements for White to do? What kind of defensive attempts can Black try? What is Black’s best chance to counterattack? Watch the video to find out!

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