Norway + Houdini vs Magnus Carlsen

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen competes against a mystery man in a red morph suit. Could it be Houdini? Well not quite. The mystery man was later (after the game) revealed to be cross-country skiing legend Oddvar Brå who simply relayed the chess moves on the board. Who Magnus Carlsen was really competing against was a combination of 3 grandmasters, Simen Agdestein, Leif Erlend Johannessen, and Jon Ludvig Hammer. Each grandmaster would suggest a move for team “Norway” that would then be voted on online. Team Norway had 5 minutes for each of their moves, while Magnus Carlsen had only 1 minute. Moreover, an interesting twist to this vote-style type chess game was that each grandmaster was allowed to consult with the Houdini chess engine three times, of their choosing, during the game. This game between Carlsen and “Norway” took place at the Oslo City shopping center (kjøpesenter). Could Magnus Carlsen, having only 1 minute to decide on each move, defeat 3 grandmasters aided by the Houdini chess engine?


Internet Chess Club (ICC)

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