Chess Openings: The Dzindzi Indian – F3: Preparing E4

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The Dzindzi Indian is an eccentric opening that definitely requires a high level of accuracy in some lines from black early in the game. In this video, I will take a look at a line that is only dangerous for black if you aren’t prepared to play very actively in the opening. After the normal opening moves in the Dzindzi Indian, white plays 6. f3 — attempting to gain a big pawn center by following up with the e4 advance in the near future. However black can stop this plan with rapid activity against white’s damaged queenside pawns, successfully distracting white from the plan of gaining space. Also, you can permit white to push for the e4 advance with the idea of establishing a strong blockade for black on the dark squares in the center — notably taking advantage of the indisputable e5 square for the black knights. I also demonstrate another excellent response to 6. f3 with 6. …e5 — immediately gaining space for black in the center. Black will have to face a superficially dangerous attack if white opts for an early queen trade, however black should have no problem fending off this attack with active development — and black will be rewarded with a very favorable endgame against white’s crippled pawns on c3 and c4. This video amply demonstrates that the 6. f3 line for white against the Dzindzi Indian is fairly harmless as long as black responds very actively in the center.

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