Ultimate Queen’s Pawn Openings! – GM Jan Gustafsson

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In the video series, “How to Build Your 1. d4 Repertoire”, GM Jan Gustafsson teaches you about all the different openings that can be played against 1. d4 and how white can combat each one of them. Jan focuses a lot on being unpredictable by not playing the same exact line in every game against black and emphasizes how the best players in the world are also the most flexible. He also shows you how to play the openings well, but does not promise a clear advantage in each line because if that were the case, then black would have figured out how to equalize by now.

Throughout the series, Jan covers how to play white against all of the different moves that black can play against 1. d4. This includes openings such the Queen’s Gambit, Slav, Nimzo-Indian, Queen’s Indian, King’s Indian, Grunfeld, Dutch, Benoni, Benko Gambit and other rare sidelines. Each video is easy to follow and you are sure to learn lots about the moves, plans, set-ups and positions that arise in each opening so that you can use 1. d4 as a strong weapon against opponents. What lines and positions does Jan describe that give white a good game? How can he play against all of the different openings that black can try? Watch the video to find out!

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