Aggressive Play, Tricks, and Opening Traps 🐭! – GM Roman Dzindzichashvili

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GM Roman Dzindzichashvili returns with this great chapter on the best chess opening traps 🐭 and opening tricks! Whether you’re hoping to get a quick win in chess or just save yourself from a few painful defeats, Roman Dzindzichashvili has some excellent chess insights for you.

It should always be remembered that chess opening traps should be something you only try when there’s no risk to yourself. It’s not worth playing a bad opening in the hope your opponent hasn’t seen that opening trick before. More often than not, you’ll just end up with a bad position.

Instead, Roman Dzindzichashvili recommends sticking to the best chess openings but learning all the hidden tricks in them. That way, even if your rival doesn’t fall into your chess opening trap, you will still have a good position and chances of winning.

In this video, you’ll see a few cool opening traps in each of the best chess openings. For instance, the Italian Game (also known as the Giuco Piano) with Black’s tricky 3…Nd4. It looks like White can just win a pawn but 4.Nxe5 is met by Qg5 5.Nxf7 Qxg2 6.Rf1 Qxe4+ and White must give up their queen to avoid getting mated.

Roman also warns about which opening traps to stay away from; tricks that have a low chance of working and usually will leave you with the much worse position.

One typical opening trick you often see chess beginners go for is 1.e4 2.Bc4 3.Qf3/h5 setup. Hoping to checkmate Black on move 4. Sensible opening moves for Black like …e5 and …Nc6 develop pieces and prepare to meet Qf3 with Nf6 and Qh5 with g6 followed by Nf6 and Bg7. Black uses White’s early queen adventure against them, grabbing the initiative and getting a lead in development. Black is already better.

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