Calculate Till Mate – GM Igor Smirnov (Effecient Calculation Techniques)


Modern chess = DYNAMIC chess. Modern chess, thanks to our ‘silicon friends’ Fritz, Houdini, and company, have advanced to a level that is never seen before!
Just have a look at today’s GM games — full of tactical twists and turns, intense fight for the initiative, sacrifices for dynamic compensation, and mind-boggling complications in ALL phases of the game.

YES, dynamism dictates the Royal Game!

Gone Are The Days When You Can Single-Mindedly Follow An Abstract Plan And Win Games!

True, positional play and strategic understanding are still important. But…
If you do NOT have a SHARP EYE for tactics
If you do NOT have an EFFICIENT calculation technique
If you do NOT have CRYSTAL-CLEAR visualization skills
…You will continuously get outclassed by players who are strong in these departments.

You will LOSE to a tactical oversight after playing 40 good moves game after game after game.

You will NOT realize your FULL chess potential.

You only have two choices: adapt to this trend or be left out frustrated as your chess results rot away and your progress stalled.

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